Buy XKLM a coffee


Hey there 👋 friends, followers, and loved ones! I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! Or a beer, a book, or a slice of pizza

I'll spare everyone ALL the details (you can chat with me privately if you want to know more.)

Basically, this site lets people sponsor me and my life and work.  I want it to be about positive creative accomplishments and personal growth but right now I'm in a bit of a jam.  I've been through some troubles and I don't really want to put undue pressure burden on the friends and family who have already generously gotten me through a minefield with their help.  I've just about turned a corner to be safe, but I need one more boost, and I really feel if I ask all my friends to help me to the tune of one cup of coffee or so, then there won't be anyone person feeling overburdened or put out.  

I could cry here and tell you some very very sad things that have happened in the last few years, but you've been through your own pain and struggle and people crying about their hardships isn't very appealing.  Suffice it to say, in the last few years I went through a series of unfortunate events incl but not limited to the loss of 2 apartments, 2 jobs, 2 hacked (wrecked) phones, losing my longtime lover and best friend, losing my savings  and my whole entire apartment full of a lifetime of personal memories and personally useful belongings as well as all my art, writing, and creative work.... and endured a succession of traumas incl assault and being targeted for harassment & character assassination as retaliation by some organized crime that I was forced to become a whistleblower/witness about, then I got COVID (recovered now), and well...just the list goes on.  

I'm energized, well and ready to get my debts paid and my life a successful one, but I'm trying to climb out of SUCH a deep hole.  

 I'm not asking for sympathy as I know lots of other people have it tougher, but I offer these facts as explanation for why this page exists.  I feel pretty good right now.  I have a temporary place to stay and I'm working but the effects of these events left me with a lot of debts and dysfunction and no home, plus some concerns about my personal security.  I'm ready to get back in fine form as soon as possible, both personally and professionally/creatively and still writing as always.  

The money from Buy Me A Coffee will be used the following ways: 

-Help me stay safe

-Help me replace a few urgently needed essential belongings that were lost at auction

-Help me recover some files on a few old computer disks to restore some of my lost creative work

-Help me to prepare for winter (boots) and winterize my car for driving in the north midwest this winter (I need a scraper for my car, bare minimum)

-Help me pay to travel elsewhere for work and life.  I've been a New Yorker for 20+ years so (long story) getting temporarily stuck in the midwest is a problem, as my health insurance is all based in NYC.  So I really need to get back to NY, or pay some premiums for healthcare here.

-Help with a deposit and first month's rent to move into a home of my own again (I can handle the rent after that)

-Help replenishing basic furnishings, just the bare minimum.  I need a mattress on the floor, a lamp, a couple of dishes, towels.  You know, just the survival essentials.  I'll refurnish my home and my life on my own after this, but need a chance to have a habitable place the first weeks.

-In my wildest dreams, if I got a lot of support I guess I might use that to also replace my phone that has a cracked screen, or invest into some additional education and training that will help me expand my professional growth right now so that I can prosper faster and pay back debts faster.

I'm hoping most people I know consider me a kindred spirit, a creative comrade, a friend, or just a semi-good person ~ so just mayyyyybe might be willing to do the equivalent of buying me a cup of coffee today.  And then rather than me  asking any one person to  shoulder any real burden, with the "it takes a a village" mindset.  So consider it a loan, if you like, or taking turns with "who's buying". 

For each of you, the Next time we get together, the coffee (or the wine or the song on the jukebox or a slice of a pizza, or a book or movie ticket or whatever) will be on ME. 

Ultimately, I will convert this page and support it into a stronger, vibrant life that positions me in such a way I can make a better go at my professional, creative, and personal growth and giving back in this world, but in the meantime... I really need a hand.  The way I figure it, I can be safe, healthy, strong and committed to a solid and independent future if all the people who like me show up for coffee, so to speak.   Stay tuned for more information about creative and professional personal projects here, as  ultimately this page will turn into an opportunity for people to learn more about my work.

So if any of you can buy me a cup of coffee today, my deep gratitude is with you. And if you can't, my deep gratitude is still with you, because you wouldn't be here reading this if you didn't already have a place in my life.  I won't say no to more than one cup of coffee, but I really don't want to place that kind of expectation or burden on anyone.  I was inspired by Bernie Sanders donors who propelled great success through large numbers of people all who just tossed in just a few bucks.  Likewise, rather than ask anyone to do more, I'd say you are welcome to pass my link on to any friends or family or groups you are a part of, if you want to endorse me and invite someone else to hear about my story as a whistleblower or if you'd like to endorse me as a person deserving a little boost.

 Yet sometimes financial favors make people feel uncomfortable, so if you don't feel good about this request today, please don't feel bad.  If  it doesn't work for you,  It won't change anything about my goodwill or gratitude for you and the appreciated role you play in my life.   I'm grateful to you, and maybe if you are also struggling, you might need me to buy YOU a coffee?  Now or in the future.  I'm down for that!

So thanks for reading about me. Sending love and peace out to all.   :)