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Support my blog (buymeacoffee) is a way to show your appreciation for my time and energy in putting together a free lifestyle resource. If you shop through my links, that is another way to show your support. Yet many women do not need more clothes or don’t live in the USA.  Any and all support is truly cherished.

This blog includes 3 decades of women with unique sizes and personalities as well as their ages. This isn’t just any website. We want to have fun and be creative with our style. I love the idea of finding “new” ideas, color combinations and companies to make you feel like a better version of yourself.

I believe that EVERY woman is wonderful and has a great story to tell. And since we are visual animals, we should use our clothes as the table of contents for what’s inside us. It’s time to be visible and enjoy the fact that fashion is for every age and size plus without the rules of yesteryear. Come have fun with us!!