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Hello. I'm Dominic, a musician and singing leader.

Since 2009 I've been encouraging people to sing together in village halls, offices, prisons, schools and building new communities through this life changing activity. I believe it is possible for us all to explore our innate musicality and expressivity using our voice.

In March 2020 I set-up Stay In And Sing, an online singing project in response to the coronavirus epidemic. It is a way for us to feel connected with others and bring our voices together at this difficult time. Stay In And Sing has reached people all around the world and it is open to everyone!
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Thanks Sara x

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Thanks yet again

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SingingIn is making me smile

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Thank you so much for the singing session on Saturday afternoon. Wonderful again! x

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Loved your session last Saturday - thank you! Such a brilliant idea for supporting people and bringing them together. Found it through the Positive News website (another wonderful, uplifting resource)  x

Thanks kate, glad you liked it