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I create and provide free Cyber Security Resources to the community. If you find this material useful and you feel like buying me a coffee or helping to contribute to domain registration and hosting fees, please feel free to do so, but please don't feel obliged.

A special thanks to those 3 people (names redacted for anonymity, if you'd like to be named just let me know - you know who you are) 'C', 'N', and 'R' who provided contributions prior to this account being created.

Your contributions paid for a a couple of years of Domain Registration and a couple of coffees that have helped make some valued content for the community.


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Thank you for making this content. When I am stuck on something, both the information and guidance has been valuable.

Glad you find the content valuable. Thanks a bunch for the support! I'll be sure to grab a ☕️ or 2, put the rest towards hosting costs, and spend some time making additions or modifications thanks to your valued contribution.😃 

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