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Hey 👋 Hope you've all been enjoying my online storytelling and activities during the lockdown. Obviously my storytelling income has stopped for the foreseeable future so I've set up a virtual busking hat! Please don't feel any pressure to contribute, I want everybody to be able to simply enjoy the stories, but if you could add to the hat that would be awesome! :D 
Zoe D
Zoe D bought 5 coffees.

Enjoying all your stories and the fact you've been delivering them on land and water! My two boys are about to watch the rest of your FB Halloween story session. Thank you and keep telling those stories! Xx

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Donna Murdoch
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Leah, Ethan and Archie Ellis
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Another great storytelling session Jake! Very spooky and the children were hooked as always! 🎃🧙‍♀️☠️👻👏🏻

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Just realised we missed one for the last live story. Thanks again for all that you’ve done during lockdown.