Okay, after watching Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian, I was amazed to finally see the progression of Bubbline--the relationship of Princess Bubblegum and the Vampire Queen. We knew in the final episode of Adventure Time the first time they kiss on screen, but the hint was that they had a relationship before. Obsidian showed us that since both are immortal and have been around for ages, there was finally some backstory for Bubbline--poor Fin, dude never had a chance.

So we get some backstory (Watch Obsidian on HBO Max) through the song "Woke Up," where we see their first breakup in a flashback scene.

This a great song. I mean, come on, if there was ever a breakup song, this was it, and it was amazing for what it is, and it shows how close Marceline and PB have been over the years. They are unique, and they belong together. I have always connected to Marceline because of her backstory. It wasn't always great, as we remember from Adventure Time.

As with all great love stories, Marceline admits that she never talked about the bad in her life, and it created a hard exterior, but she found in Princess Bubblegum her place. As a writer, I love that these two belong together throughout a series, and they got their episode, and hopefully, we get to see Bubbline more in the future. I want to end this with my favorite part of Obsidian.

When Marceline talks about love and always feels like a "Monster," hence the song's name, it speaks to my heart. I felt the same way, not in the sense that I was a vampire but a monster incapable of loving people or even allowing people into my life. That changed over the last year. Of course, the kiss at the end was epic, and I loved that we got to see their relationship deepen. I would recommend Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian to any fans.