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A refresher of the latest post:

How do you make up your mind about how to live with a mental illness? 

  1. Receive an official diagnosis (Accept It)

  2. Research your feelings, emotions, and behaviors online (You Change)

  3. Ask your immediate circle about it (Look At The Situation Another Way)

  4. Keep it to yourself and hope for a better day (Do Nothing)

  5. Stop thinking about it and let it go (Leave The Situation)

Which option(s) did/have you chosen? 

Really, just how well ARE they working out for you?

And, are you happy with the outcome of how you have chosen to live your life? If you aren’t, then it is because … You are complacent in the way things are because you BELIEVE  you’ve tried everything, and you cope with that by hoping a clean slate and a fresh start is out there in the form of a next paycheck, the shrink-wrapped snack, the partner of your dreams or that television series everyone keeps talking about. When will you stop waiting for things in life to look up and actually do something about it for once?

Let’s start with the first and last thing you will ever need to understand why nothing seems to work in life for you, why you get sucked into melodramas, and perpetuate your own. There is more to mental illness than a mental health diagnosis.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment is an attitudinal assessment available exclusively by Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioners graduated as Certified Professional Coaches from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, or iPEC for short.  Upon taking your assessment, your iPEC coach debriefs you on your results which reveal how proactive, reactive or stagnant you come at various aspects of your life. It is an integral tool for mental health. Perhaps, in some areas, you are more intrinsically motivated. In others, you may be more extrinsically motivated. For some reason, you hit your stride in one area of life and come up against walls in another. Living life with mental illness makes everything feel heavier and problems out of everything. The ELI is scientifically proven to measure success/ happiness/ satisfaction in life. You will not need to guess anymore why you feel the way you do about your life. With the individual ELI results unique to your “story,” your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs you play from the broken record player will shine through, and from that point on, your attitude becomes a choice.
You won’t need to have any more “small-talk” conversations with friends, family, and colleagues about how your life has been going. Talking is going to make you forget the guilt for the short term.
What is your long-term plan for timeless happiness?
Invest your rainy day savings here. Who do you know that is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and can guide you in that first step toward integral mental health?
Walk the talk. We challenge you to believe you CAN teach yourself what you want your mental health to mean to you; rather than feeling helpless between medical appointments, find your iPEC Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner with the lived experience that fits your professional realm, personal preferences, budget, etc...Follow the link here.

Did the authors, Kim and James, of this post appeal to you? James found out about the ELI through his life coach, an iPEC certified, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Kim Johnson is currently taking persons incredibly uncomfortable looking in the mirror and terrified to learn how their mental health can become their ally. I know for me, looking in that mirror, I have come to realize that my worst critic is the person looking back at me every time I put that mirror up to my face. What if I told you it is an ally? It is…

 Kim’s assessment link is available to be booked on my buy me coffee site below.

Here is the link:

The ELI offered by Kim is not the answer to all your problems, but a comprehensive look at your situation right now.  I have personally taken the ELI assessment twice, once in May of 2020 and again in March of 2021. The assessment is a call to action to make peace with the past, redeem yourself, and pursue the things you say you want in this life in a way that looks different than what you are currently trying and is not working.

Confront how you deal with stress and see how you use anabolic and catabolic energy in real-time. The energy that gives you liberties to enjoy life, the energy that makes you everyone’s and the world’s doormat, respectively. I won’t give anything away from my experience other than it is an eye-opening experience.

What Kim is offering in this package are the ELI Assessment and a debrief. The two ways that come are one-on-one debrief with Kim or possibly a group debrief on Saturdays. I, James Edgar Skye, am offering to be a part of that process if you trust me as an option because I know what it feels like to go through a debrief.  

If you are interested, you can reach out to Kim Johnson directly at <102>[email protected] and be open just to have a conversation about getting your ELI done TODAY. The debrief is typically done within 24 hours and on Zoom, but those details will be worked out with Kim and yourself. If there is a chance you want to jump right in, there is a special going on with my buy me a coffee website that you can purchase the ELI directly from me. Make sure to fill out the form that comes with the purchase. I will relay the information to Kim promptly, and she will reach out.

Here is the link:

Kim Johnson (iPEC Certified Coach and Founder of Grounds for Clarity, LLC)

James Edgar Skye (The Bipolar Writer)