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I'm an artist and teacher in the UK, noted for my portraits and figurative work. I have exhibited internationally and across the country.

My classroom is closed and the art galleries too, thanks to this virus. Fortunately I can still share some creativity with you online. All my social media are linked from my website (click on the little globe at the bottom of this text, instagram is my most active). If you enjoy what I do, you can 'buy me a coffee', which would be greatly appreciated. I'll also be paying it forward to other creatives on instagram during the COVID-19 crisis. Following the #artistsupportpledge movement, I will spend £200 with other pledged artists for every £1000 of art I sell.

Leave me a message (with links) to get social media shout-outs etc.

Pictures courtesy of Black Hill Creative

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Someone bought 5 coffees.
Kaaren Johnson
Kaaren Johnson bought 3 coffees.

Sorry for not being a 'regular' student, but thanks for the Thursday evening life drawing classes. I enjoy them each time I take part :) 

Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought 5 coffees.