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Hey, I'm Jaquesy aka Passive. 

My story starts in PS3 modding, I Initially worked on creating backups after the PS3Xploit tool was released, allowing for older games to be modded. Some games I worked with included MW2, MW3, COD4, GTAV and WAW just to name a few. After finding my way around backups, I learned how to work with CFG menus for Modern Warfare 2, which are able to be loaded using a non-modded console. This was my first basic introduction to programming. Only shortly after, Pokemon Go became a widely popular mobile game. I became interested in Pokemon Go Trainers which automate the process of catching and training pokemon and run on your PC. I posted tutorials on how to use these tools to my Youtube Channel which gained several thousand views. This was the largest point of growth for my Youtube career.

After finding success there I moved on to CFW (Custom-Firmware) modding after finally being able to afford a modded PS3thanks to youtube revenue. This led to me learning c# while developing RTM (Real-Time Modding) tools which are a program that you run on your PC which connects to your PS3 console and edits memory to provide mods in game. I also worked briefly on an SPRX menu (coded in a language similar to c++) for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This menu was called Project Passive and is still unfinished to this day but is functional and available somewhere on my Youtube.

It was around this time I started my first discord community, the server quickly grew in popularity and gained several hundred loyal members which all had similar interests to me.

A few friends suggested I make a discord bot to provide more entertainment for my community and so I went to work creating PassiveBOT. This bot served many purposes and had many different random features such as image lookup, server partnering, translation and more. 

As my discord community further grew I found the need to increase the standards of moderation for content being posted there. This led to me developing Lithium, which was an automated moderation system that scanned messages for content such as IP addresses, blacklisted words, spam and more. 

My bots were made public and quickly grew in popularity. This led to me receiving requests to make other, more custom bots for niche use-cases. One such example is ELO which was created to help with PUG (Pick-Up game) matches, which consist of two teams playing off against each-other in a specific game. Initially the bot was designed to work with BlackSquad, a free-to-play first-person military shooter. It provided leaderboards, match scoring, ranked roles and an entire matchmaking system. The bot's scope quickly grew and it became my main project for quite some time.

ELO saw hundreds of thousands of users over time and remains extremely popular for custom games to this day. 

It was at this point my focus was shifting more and more from Playstation content to discord bots and working on a community.  As a result there are distinct communities who follow my work, from modding, to discord bots, to general software I've written.

As I moved away from home and started University I realised that in order to make ends meet, I needed to start actively finding ways to monetise my works. I finally made ELO into a SAAS product (software-as-a-service) which provided a small amount of income, allowing me to offset some of the cost of rent. Late 2019, I sold ELO to Tournament Kings, but still maintained the bot under them as a contractor.

My focus is currently on University studies as I should be completing my Computer Science degree by the end of 2021. My studies have involved learning much about business mechanics, software design, systems design and general computing.

Early 2021 I left discord and have decided to quit Youtube and am going to be focussing on my studies more. I will still be maintaining some of my bots but not as much as I used to. I have left much of my work to Raven, a close friend of mine. I hope to return to the community at some point.

If you have enjoyed my work and my journey, I would appreciate support of any kind, and if not, please just drop by my former discord community and say hi to the admins, moderators and loyal friends who helped make my journey possible.