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I’m a multidisciplinary creative using art and words to inspire people to embrace the beauty and transformational power of nature.

I want to help people to reconnect with the natural world and do what they can to protect it, as well as being champions of social change for a better, more compassionate future.

I’m an award-winning artist, photographer and designer, a published poet and writer and I love being creative!

On the visual arts side, I paint abstract mixed-media art to challenge and captivate, using as much found and donated materials as possible to reduce my impact and divert waste from landfill.

My photographic art is designed to promote wellbeing and are nature explosions of rich colour and line that can fill entire walls, floors and entire immersive spaces, or as framed arts and canvasses.

Illustration and drawing is another love of mine, using pencil, charcoal, biro, markers and pretty much anything that makes colour and line!

As a poet, I write about the wonders of nature and social issues. I’m a storyteller and eco-poet using words to educate and spark positive change.

As a designer, I help passionate business owners to promote honest brands with graphic and website design and a whole host of creative services.

I hope that you enjoy my creative work and are happy to 'buy me a coffee' to support my creativity, as every little bit goes a long way, not only to help my creative practice but also as a 'pat on the back' and a sign of encouragement for doing what I LOVE!!!