Hey y'all! So I wanted to do a little update on all the going on's over here with me! I've got some hecking plans for April! March ended up just, being a whole lot personally so I wasn't able to bring my 100% as usual but that's ok! Life is what it is and I'll keep doing my best regardless. As always thank you for sticking with me! 💙

So first thing's first. The Cheese Stream! 🧀 Y'all smashed my community goal on Twitch and while I had hoped to get it done during March, it's not happening. I'm going to re-plan it for April instead! I'll be aiming for April 15th at... 4pm CST! Y'all wanted the evening but I also have quite a few EU friends who I'd like to join so I'm going to go for a late afternoon stream! Please look forward to it!!

Secondly, my let's plays! I have a few planned that I wanna do! IMSCARED is one that was gifted to me by a longtime mutual so I definitely wanna get SPOOKED. I was also gifted a copy of Deceased which looks, amazing! Very excited for that one. So I'll work on those two and go from there! I am always taking suggestions over on my Discord for both stream and let's play games!

Finally, as always just thank you! I've managed to smash my Youtube and Twitch follow goals for March and I'm darn close to my sub goal for this month too! If you wanna help that you can do so here on BMC or by following this link to Twitch!

Y'all stay safe you there, stay hydrated, and eat some snacks! 🧀