Hey y'all! Just a little weekend update for you!

So! First thing I'll be catching y'all on TUESDAY at 7pm CST! I'll be starting up my trial for a second stream day! A nice chill evening stream for a few hours to enjoy the night with. I am really looking forward to see how a night stream will go so please look forward to it!

Next up I got YouTube! I'm working towards my first 2021 goal a bit early in that I'm trying to reach my 100 subscriber goal on there first! Let's hecking get there! I'll be having a lovely playthrough of Tacoma up soon for y'all, and for those here on BMC and Patreon will get to see it early! 😉 And if you're curious of my other goals you can check it out here!

That's pretty much it! I look forward to see y'all at the streams this upcoming week!