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Would you like to self-publish your own book - AKA “bema” - on the Internet as a cloud book for free?

What is a “bema”?

“Well, the bemas can be the speakers’ podiums, ya know, like in Athens; or, really, any kinds’a ways of getting yer voice heard.”

If you would like to have “yer voice heard,” I can publish your book - AKA “bema” - on the Internet as a cloud book for free. The only requirements are:
  1. Your book must be exclusively owned by you. This requirement ensures authors are in compliance with intellectual-property laws.
  2. Your book must benefit a charity using a method similar to Please Donate. This requirement ensures authors are assigning themselves the part of their “brothers’ keepers.”
  3. Your book must be one (quantity = 1) PDF file residing in the domain. This requirement ensures authors do not change their Please Donate charities to benefit themselves.

Once your book is in the PDF format and you have emailed it to me, I will upload your book to the domain and create a subpage for your book similar to the subpage where the
title of your book will replace the word, REDEMPTION.

Your book will always remain exclusively owned by you. If, at any time, you would like for me to delete your book and remove your book’s subpage from the domain, then please let me know and I will do so immediately.

What do I get - personally - out of this arrangement?

When authors promote their books by providing links to their books’ subpages on various websites and social-media platforms across the Internet, web crawlers index the pages of these links thereby increasing the search engines’ rankings of content in the domain. Since these links are an effective SEO tactic, when authors promote their books on the Internet, they also promote my books on the Internet; and, since all books in the domain benefit charities using a method similar to Please Donate, this global chapter of authors - pun intended - does a world of good - literally - on the World Wide Web by assigning itself the part of its “brother’s keeper.”

Thank you,