Buy Jeffrey Puukka a coffee


JUNE, 2021

Hello!  You are one clever thoughtful creature...  This little gizmo here empowers you to empower the work I do, in the spirit of symbolically treating me to a cup of coffee.

Now I confess, I drink a lot of coffee, and there may indeed be some correlation between my coffee drinking and my creative output, so, I definitely appreciate your encouraging me...  In reality, though, this isn't actually about 'coffee'.

$40.00 can cover the overhead cost of two hours of studio time, which is an important consideration, as society cautiously tiptoes out from the pandemic, and we shouldn't be working on ZOOM all the time. 

$65.00 can create a scholarship for an acting student to participate in a cycle of my Monday class.

So I just want you to know, it may seem small, or insignificant, or random.  But it isn't small to me.  When it comes to supporting the arts, this is one route that makes a real impact.  You're giving some good luck to an artist and their work, directly.  That's me, and the people who collaborate or train with me, and I am grateful.

I am a theatre director, and an acting coach.  The community of people I help empower and develop includes actors, playwrights, public speakers, future teachers, and more.

Thank you for your help.