Buy Jeffrey Puukka a coffee


Well, you are one clever thoughtful creature...

There's a little gizmo here for big magic, which empowers you to empower me in the spirit of buying me a coffee. 

I confess, I do drink a lot of coffee.  My Mum once observed I practically live on the stuff.  Goodness knows I can't teach class or lead a rehearsal without a coffee in my hand.  It's like trying to write a Thank You card without a pen!

There may be some correlation between my coffee intake and my creative output.  So, I appreciate your encouraging me... 

In this big old world, it may seem small to cynical folks, but it isn't small to me.  When it comes to supporting the arts, this is one route that makes a real impact.  You're giving some good luck to an artist and their work, directly.  (That's me, and I am grateful.)