Buy Jemmabrown a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy a coffee to show appreciation for my voluntary work. 

I don’t expect you to buy me a coffee though I just wanted to create the option. 

I’m a disability rights advocate with an interest in disability and theology. I also have extensive experience consulting on all things accessibility. If you have a question in this area ask away!

my day ‘job’ (I volunteer my time) is as an educator. I teach adults with acquired vision loss how to use technology to regain independence working out which strategies will work best for them and individually tailoring the lessons. 

I’m also a guest lecturer I share my experience of PTSD with nursing students to help them better understand there future patients. I also guest lecture on a spirituality and medicine unit where I go in and talk to students about my faith in God, disability and medicine.