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Hi, and welcome to The Human Infusion Project !

I'm really committed to delivering high-quality, free to low-cost personal development education so that more people from a wider variety of income levels have the opportunity to experience the calm, confident and connected relationships that we're all really designed to experience.

In a world where mental wellness is becoming more commercialized, it's important to me that ANYONE who desires growth and change, gets the opportunity to optimize their life experience and improve their relationships, regardless of income level.

In addition, 100% of the profit that comes from your contribution is building a Wellness Assistance Grant that I plan to start allocating at the end of 2022. With support of participating therapists, coaches and practitioners, this grant is designed to partially reimburse those with low income who have initiated their own growth, addiction recovery or personal development, and wish to continue. 

I created a page here so you have an option to become a patron or to contribute to this grant and the mission of the Human Infusion Project at a level that fits your individual financial needs. I want you to learn, develop yourself and be part of our community without going into debt. So THANK you for anything you contribute. It ALL makes a difference.