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I run Merryn online with my partner. We promote independent music artists, artisans and retailers from around the UK and Ireland. We interview unsigned music artists and produce a Christmas Gift Guide to help people live their dream by spreading word of what they do!

We also run Remote Access Experiences which showcases online events taking place during lockdown in the UK and Ireland.

Being featured on Merryn and Remote Access Experiences is free - we accept no gifts or payment from anybody, as we like to keep them independent. If you enjoy what we do, please consider supporting us.

JJ Gift Books
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Judy Hedden @cornwallschocolatecove
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You can only get a very small basic coffee for £3 so treat yourself and get a posh one with a friend 🧡 Thank you Jenny, for sharing the love🧡

Thank you so much, that's so kind! xxx

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Emily Lockett
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Just to say thank you for the review offer and Spotify playlist add x

Wow, thank you so much Emily! It's my pleasure to be able to support up-and-coming talent x