Sep 01, 2022

Opening of my blog and TMNT

Hi!!Yesterday I decided that for some of the bigger posts I wanted to do, a non-Tumblr blog would be somewhat easier to handle. I therefore created Jeremy's Stash!!!I have some posts in the work and some of them will most likely turn into videos because about a show.If you want to read my first post about the neurodiversity in Rise of the TMNT, you can find the post here!Hope you enjoy... more

May 23, 2022

Collection of Mini Stories!!

Hi,So recently I started trying to write fiction not linked to any series or movies as I usually do! I decided to create Collection of Mini Stories in order to be able to not force myself to write too much, and compile them into one big book so it's all in the same place!You can find it on Wattpad and host by Lokisbur on! The non-compiled versions can also be found on my... more

Collection of Mini Stories!!
Opening of my blog and TMNT

Jeremy P. Johnson

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