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JerryLabs is independent game development studio producing printable board games under CC license. All games can be freely shared, printed and non-commercionally distributed.

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"Since early childhood together with my schoolmates we have been creating our own card games. For little kids the cards which has spread over the market in early '90s was practically financially unreachable for us. The mission of JerryLabs Games is to provide the ultimate entertainment affordable and available for the maximum of potential players all over the world."

- Jaroslav Kamen, founder and CEO of JerryLabs

Our games

  • Super Trooper
  • Gangsterburg
  • Cyborg Mutant Zombie Circus


Donate to JerryLabs to keep us making great games! You money can help to translate the older games into English language, publish updates and expansions, digitalize and develop new games to play!