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Hello, I like to call myself an artist, but really, I just love to draw and paint. Watercolors are my true love.

Hi, hello. 

I had a wonderful job, where I worked as graphic designer and DTP. But I'm no longer there. I quit my job, after four years there, because mobbing has gotten so severe, I needed medical attention. I had to quit. I had trauma and was, as a result, mentally broken. I still am and... I'm taking meds, while I can afford them. They are helping. But art is helping me too. Art is healing. I always loved to draw and now, my biggest dream is to be a proffesional artist. I'm currently struggling not only with my past but with unemployment as well.

Please consider buying me a coffee, so I can do more paintings and drawings, and sketeches. Thank you so much for your support.