Jilly Moon Andromeda

Jilly Moon Andromeda

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Jilly Moon Andromeda

Jilly Moon Andromeda

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astrologer, candy artisan, and natural scientist; interpreting cosmic energy, pouring hot sugar, and formulating potions from Mechanic Falls, Maine.

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for following my journey of cosmos, candy, and well-being. Creating content that speaks to you and helps you is my passion and mission. I would be so honored if you bought me a coffee today :) Thank you & be well. xoxo 
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Thank you for sharing so much of your Astrological Insight this Year! Happy Full Moon!

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Hello!  I had to cancel back in November and felt terrible!  You were so kind and understanding!  I appreciated it so much!!! I have rescheduled for this Thursday!

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Thanks for all of the wisdom that you share and for being awesome!