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What's up 👋 I'm Jodie, and asking for help is hard for me! I just created a page here, because I can't work either of my careers during the pandemic. For the past several years, I've worked for myself as a licensed massage therapist, going to people's home and offices to reconnect them to their bodies and open their minds about self-care, and for the past few years have also been practicing birth work as a holistic doula. As you can imagine, both of those paths have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, as well as other major life changes. 

As of late June, a close family member received a cancer diagnosis, and I won't risk cross contamination of COVID from my doula or massage practices. So, they're mostly offline (if you're pregnant, or know someone who is, and need a doula, check out my available services via the link to my site,!) until at least December. But, you can help support me now by buying me a mocha!

I have no steady income right now, but I will have some merchandise available for purchase on Teespring, shortly. Outside of that, I'm creating digital course content and monthly subscription content, both of which will bring in funds upon completion. After that, I'll be revamping my website and creating content for YouTube. 

I'm really trusting the universe here as I finish up these digital products and look for writing gigs on the side. All while also tending to my own holistic health, as well as to that of my family. Truly, any help at all will be met with my deepest humility and gratitude. 

Be well,


PS: That's my favorite thermos next to my large Zoll head. It holds a whole forkin' pot of tea, and keeps it hot for the perfect amount of time.

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For a true Java Mama. Stay safe and I wish you and your family member the best!