Thanks for stopping by! I'm Jodie, a holistic health practitioner in New Orleans, LA. A holistic health practitioner is a wellness professional who assesses and addresses their clients' whole being, mind, body, and spirit. I practiced primarily as a massage therapist for the past 6 years, while slowly moving into birthwork a few years ago. I've attended several births as a doula, offering informational, emotional, and physical support to my beloved clients as they transition into motherhood.

As you can imagine, and as is the case with millions of others, my businesses have been greatly impacted by this pandemic. Even if they hadn't, a recent diagnosis of a close family member is requiring more physical presence from me, and I will not risk cross-contamination.

Which brings us here! I wanted to have a place to receive generosity securely and efficiently while also being able to share some updates about how I'm using anything so graciously given. Aside from the most pressing expenses like bills, small business costs, and groceries, I have an ever-growing list of educational and business goals, the costs of which range from lower double to quadruple digits.

What am I working on? Aside from getting my business social media accounts up and running, I am currently working on video content for youtube, a membership site that will supply members with regularly scheduled self-care guidance (including self-massage for stress relief and perinatal support), as well as stand-alone digital products (checklists, worksheets, and e-books). More info on those as I complete them, so give me a follow! I'd love to answer any questions you have about what I do!


Thanks again for visiting my page! I greatly appreciate every transaction and share, and I wish you health and happiness in these trying times.