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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! 

Wow!! Thank you so much James my friend! I'm always especially honored when an experienced synth master such as yourself wants to support my humble efforts! 😊 

David R Ryle bought JohnLRice a coffee.

In this journey of synth exploration you have been my Sherpa guide. Way ahead and climbing. Thanks John!

Thanks so much my dear friend! Although I consider you an equal peer and I've probably learned as much and been inspired as much by you! :-)

Noir bought JohnLRice 5 coffees.

My friend, words cannot express how much knowledge and guidance you’ve added to my experience in the Synth world over the last couple of years. Your genuine ability to share what you know and positive attitude is rare and I am forever grateful! I appreciate you not just as a teacher, but as a friend. The only way I can ever attempt to return the many favors is with caffeine 😄 

Wow, thanks very much my friend!! I'm more often than not  happy to help anyone when I can but it's especially fun to help a musically talented, skilled presenter, and rising star such as yourself! 😎👍

Thanks so much, my friend! :-)