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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! 
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May this caffeine shot sequence good things in your life :D

Thank you VERY much!!! 😄 👍 

Patrick Alexander
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So sorry that SeaProg was cancelled.  However, to commemorate what might have been, I will be playing some of your music on my radio show tomorrow night. (Pat's Picks on KMIH.

Hey, thanks so much for the 'coffee', Patrick!!! 😃 I'm disappointed that SeaProg had to be cancelled but it was for the best of reasons. Is your show on tonight, Sunday the 7th? If so what time or if I missed it will there be an archive I can listen too? Thanks very much for the air time! 😎👍

It is tonight at 9.00 on 88.9 The Bridge or online at It will also be on SoundCloud after that and I can post a link. I did just take one of your YouTube videos but I just found it fascinating.

Cool, thanks again! I'll look forward to seeing what cut your pick was! ;-) And FYI: since you are a prog fan, you might enjoy listening to a band I was in during the first half of the 1980's called THEATRE. We rehearsed often, and performed very occasionally for free (early 80's wasn't a great time to be in a prog rock band 😔 )  Our members were mostly  from Tacoma, Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Totem Lake, etc. There is a YouTube channel with many of our original stuff, most poorly recorded and often with less than stellar performances 😂☺but 4 pieces were recorded at a 24 track studio and have OK mixes. Here's two of my favorites, I played drums/percussion in the band and wrote some of the lyrics (I wrote the Shadows lyrics):  Locust  Shadows of the Mask Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions etc: [email protected]

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Forgot to include a name... So have another cup! -Ian

haha, thanks again, Ian! 👍 

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John, Thank you for the media you post! I have been trying to learn this hobby and your style / process is on point with my goals. Your humor and personality on line is most refreshing! If you ever decide to do on line instruction sign me up! 

Thank you SO much!!! While I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from sending me some sweet cold hard CASH 😁 I'm always more pleased and honored that someone is willing to go out of their way to take the time and make a financial sacrifice to give me some positive reinforcement that what I'm doing is entertaining and/or helping them. 😌 

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