First of the short film links - and the first short film I made as writer/director.

This is an all round family film (N.B. not everything I'll post will be - if a film isn't suitable for a general audience, I'll mention it).

So, 'Frozen Wastelands', an absurd comedy on ice.

I like to think this was the 'inspiration' for a well known lager advert. I'd hate to think they just nicked the idea ;-)

Shot on 16mm film, sound recorded on a Nagra (reel to reel tape recorder) edited on a flat bed Steenbeck with razor and 'sellotape', TeleCine (transfer from film to videotape) was done at the BBC, digital transfer by a good friend in post production.

Budget was begged, borrowed and stolen and should really have been spent on physio after a car crash.