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I create digital stuff. Mostly podcasts. Sometimes YouTube videos.

I'm currently producing three podcasts:

Three Minute Bible Study is released five days a week. Three minutes. Two verses. No trick questions.

Struggling for Purpose is a top-of-mind podcast where I share my thoughts on current events, faith, and more. Sometimes I do interviews.

The Wired Homeschool is semi-retired. I'm releasing monthly "encore episodes" with occasional (quarterly) new content.

On my YouTube channel, I post a potpourri of content. Lately, I post product and Christian movie reviews.

If you are entertained, informed, or intrigued by anything I have created, I'd love it if you bought me a cup of coffee.
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Congrats on the new show! I enjoyed it- in addition to creating intro and outro music (like you mentioned in the podcast) why not make short bumpers in between topics...I think that’ll be better than the second of silence you allow. Again, congrats on the show and I like forward to the next one