Gritty Smurf
“Gritty Smurf”A fancharacter(?) borne of a weird dream I had the other night.(That tends to happen to me a lot!)The set-up of the pic is inspired by the chibi stylings of Derek Laufman!

Sep 01

So, yeah. I went and made a parody comic. Prepare to have your headcanons and fan theories eff'd in

Feb 03

Fanart of Chuck Braun - a main character from one of my favorite webcomics; "Flyover Country"! (Chuck's going through a rough time right now, in the pages of the comic!)

Nov 29

Catharcissism is a simple strip that is to be the spiritual successor to my old silly self-insert-turned-semiautobiographical chibi comics "Shrimp Fried Riot" and "My Own Personal Apocalypse". Though I have made the conscious effort to lighten the hell up, some of these exaggerated "Based On A True Story" strips can still be borne of frustration and annoyance. Still, I think I can make these strips fun! My aim is to crank out as many new comics of my myriad comic ideas as I can between... more

Nov 18

Inktober Day 12: Ghost. For this, I made a shot of my current cartoon avatar having an interaction with a character from my favorite movie.

Nov 10

Fell a bit behind, on Inktober, but,to my credit, I got farther this year than I have in years past: 18 days out of 31! I'll be posting the rest of them here. Day 11: "Soul"!

Nov 10