I will keep this a short update. I recently posted the Paperback and Kindle version of The Ghost of Jacob Marley. I posted Joe on Relationships, Improving Your Mental Health, some of News with Joe Vector, but I plan on bringing back Totem Wolf next year. So next year is the year of Totem Wolf. It has been the best year since the Golden Age of The Joseph Evaldi Network since 2018. I had the most profitable year for myself on eBay this year.

Where does that leave me with what I will do for the end of the year and 2022. What are my goals?

  1. eBay: Wolfman Joe Toys and Media. Next year I am planning on selling LJN Wrestling Figures, Vinyl Records, and also, I will see how the Copper Wheat Pennies go. This will be my focus, you can check some of this stuff here. Next Year I will work for the best sales for you. We will work for it for you to make you the customer happy. https://www.ebay.com/str/wolfmanjoestoysandmedia

  2. The Joseph Evaldi Network: I am planning on bringing Totem Wolf back. Also, I plan on doing a statistic show where I run down the stats for the Network with The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. Plus more of your shows and maybe I may shift from Patreon to over here to Buy Me a Coffee. I also want to add video on YouTube. I will see how I will do it, but I will work towards it. https://www.patreon.com/thejosephevaldinetwork and https://www.spreaker.com/user/josephevaldi

  3. Writings of Joseph Evaldi: I have projects that I am working on. It is too early to tell you right now. I will see where I will go, but I do know that I want to blog going forward. It will bring me back to my roots. Just with a new platform and also, some posts on Vocal.Media I will do.

  4. Wolfman Joe Art or Joseph Evaldi Creative Art: I will work on selling some stuff on etsy next year and seeing how that platform works.

I got my work cut out ahead of me next year, but I will stay busy. I feel all we can do is work on bringing you the best that we can offer and we will do our best.

Also for those who are interested in supporting me to do blogs this coming year on Buy Me a Coffee. 10% will go to St. James Church in an effort to build an elevator in the church to help the elderly get down to the hall for Local Church Events. I feel this is a good cause.