Yesterday was a scary day in society. A day that won't be forgotten for a long, long time. Social media went down.

For more than 5 hours yesterday, the world got a reminder of what life was like without social media. 

People were absolutely freaking out..."no Facebook or Instagram?! what else do I do with my time on a Monday afternoon?!"

Now of course, for many people, Facebook, and Instagram is a way of conducting business, and those people took a huge hit yesterday but for the vast majority of us, we were in crisis mode because we couldn't look at our co-worker's vacation pictures from Mykonos.

The average person spends an hour and forty minutes a day on social media and has become addicted to their phone and the apps on it.

Here are 5 benefits of why taking a social media detox will be beneficial for you:

1. It will allow you to stop comparing yourself to other people who are only showing you the highs and most glamorous moments of their life.

2. You will stop feeling so competitive. You won't have the urge to post pictures and stories to try and impress your friends or worse, those that aren't really your friends.

3. You will improve your overall mood. I don't need to get into the science and studies behind it, but we have all heard countless times that there is a correlation between the time you spend on your phone and your overall happiness. 

4. You will be able to live in the moment. Instead of being on your phone at an event, or a dinner, you will actually be able to appreciate the ambiance and company around you. So many of us attend dinner parties and are speaking to our friends virtually instead of our friends who are physically across the table from us. 

5. You will gain so much free time you never knew you had. If you spent the 1-2 hours a day you spend on social media working on your goals or picking up a new hobby you will be shocked at what you can accomplish. 

Even if it is for 1 day or 1 week, let's try and take a bit of a break from social media and see what kind of benefits it can bring to our lives.