According to Gallop’s 2017 State of the Workplace report, two-thirds of U.S. employees feel disengaged at work, and only about one in five say they're managed in a way that motivates them to do great work. Ultimately, many employees feel indifferent about their jobs.

If this sounds like you, try and take some time to reflect and think about what it is that you love about your job and ask yourself what your own personal purpose is.

One great way to get back some of the old passion and to reignite the spark that you once had is to remind yourself why you took on your current job in the first place. 

Try and break out of your usual daily routine from time to time – perhaps shaking things up by volunteering for a different task, attempting to learn a new skill, or start reading about new trends in your industry.

People change over time. Your needs, your wants, and your hopes all evolve. Perhaps that perfect job you landed a year ago doesn’t provide enough stimulation now that you’ve mastered it.

Try and identify what you really want. When you notice these feelings, allow yourself some time to clarify what you want to be different. Frame these desires and hopes as what you do want to happen, and set out a goal to accomplish it.

Once you’re clear on what you want, ask yourself, “What’s the next smallest step I could take?” Sometimes it is easy to forget there are small, simple steps that you could take to make progress. If you procrastinate, one of the best tools for moving through that is the Pomodoro Technique—where you commit to spending a small period of time, such as 25 minutes, working on a task uninterrupted. Since the first step is often the hardest, things feel easier once you get going.