A lot of people have mentioned to me that they always start each week with tons of motivation and drive, but as the week slowly goes by, and Wednesday and Thursday start to creep up, their motivation for all the big plans and goals they had for the week start to slowly disappear.

Instead of waking up early every morning like they planned to do, the snooze button keeps getting hit, and their mornings are getting delayed.

Instead of working out for an hour every day, the workouts start to last only 30 minutes, then 20 minutes.

Instead of eating healthy all week, they start getting tempted to go buy that quick, cheap and delicious hamburger.

So I wanted to quickly provide 3 tips on how to stay motivated and end the week strong.

1. Create a morning routine.

A morning routine is a great way to tell your body that today is going to be a productive day. By doing the same productive things every single day you build these small habits that will allow you to continue being productive as the week goes on.

2. Find an accountability buddy

If you want to start eating healthy and going to the gym consistently, it is very easy to cheat on these goals when no one is watching. Reach out to a friend and hold each other accountable. Make it a requirement that you have to send each other a picture of yourself at the gym every morning. By having an accountability buddy, you can motivate each other on days where you are lacking that drive.

3. Give yourself a challenge

When doing the same things on repeat, every day, and every week, the routine gets kind of boring, and you might start feeling unmotivated. To stay productive you need to stay motivated and interested in what you are trying to accomplish. By creating daily or weekly goals for yourself, it will add an element of excitement. For example, during the lockdowns when the gyms were closed, I knew I was not getting a sufficient amount of exercise, so I created a daily 10,000 step goal for myself. This motivated me to get off the couch and go for walks.