Many of us wake up to the same routine. An annoying alarm goes off, we frustratingly hit the snooze button only for that obnoxious sound to go off again in 10 minutes. We check our phones for another 10 minutes until finally getting out of bed to head to the bathroom and then try to get some coffee in our system asap. 

But, if you start to look at the morning habits of extremely successful people, this is exactly what they don't do. Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the.. you guessed it...Huffington Post, said "a big part of my morning ritual is about what I don't do. When I wake up, I don't start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once I'm awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful and set my intention for the day.

Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey actually don't sleep with an alarm clock. They are big proponents of waking up naturally. Oprah said "I have never set an alarm, I don't believe in them. They are...alarming! I put the number in my mind, and I wake up before that, usually between 6:02 and 6:20... my first thought in the morning is, 'oh I'm alive. Thank you!'" 

Morning exercise is also something many successful leaders prioritize. Gwyneth Paltrow says she works out every single morning,  while Bill Gates starts his day off by hopping on the treadmill.

The CEO of Equinox, Niki Leondakis, said it perfectly. "You have to be physically healthy and strong to be mentally healthy and strong. It's all connected."