Do you typically start to feel anxious as Sundays start to wind down? Do you start to stress about the week ahead and all of the tasks you need to get done? Are you spending your final day of the weekend thinking about your nagging boss and how much he/she irritates you? 

Well, you're not alone, over 60% of Americans suffer from these Sunday Scaries.

I'll be honest, I used to feel this stress too until I started my Sunday Reset Routine. 

All I do is spend 45-60 minutes Sunday morning organizing and planning my week ahead. This starts from cleaning up my room and working space to writing down all the tasks that I need to get done for the week ahead. By just sitting down, and brainstorming all the things that I NEED to get done, and WANT to get done, I am able to transfer that to my calendar and properly plan for the week ahead. 

I think what is important to note though, is that unlike the rest of the week, on Sunday's I don't have a strict routine. I don't wake up at 6 am and start being insanely productive from the moment I wake up. Life is about balance, and on the weekends, I like to wake up when my body tells me to. That could be 6, 8, or even 10 in the morning, depending on the day. 

I'll never forget the quote my high school principal used to say during orientation every year about homework. "It's better to be caught up than to catch up." And this applies even more so to our daily lives. When we are able to plan ahead and be aware of the tasks that we need to get done, we are able to be proactive, instead of reactive.