he incredible motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, is famous for telling over the fable of the man who wanted to be successful.

The man went to a guru, and asked: "What do I need to do to be successful?" The guru told him to meet him tomorrow at the beach.

The next morning the man went down to the beach all confused. He wanted to learn how to be successful, he wasn't in the mood for a swimming lesson.

The man and the guru walked into the water to the point that the water was covering the man's nose and mouth. At that point the guru grabbed the man's head and pushed him further into the water, not allowing him to breathe. 

Finally, after watching the man struggling under the water, the guru lifted his head allowing him to get some air. 

The guru asked the man, what was the one thing that you wanted as I was keeping your head below the water? The man shouted, "I wanted air so I could breathe!"

The guru replied: "There is your answer. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you'll be successful." 

Success starts with the desire to achieve something. When you have that motivation to attain a goal, don't let anything stop you. You need to want to achieve that goal so bad, that you want it just as much as you want air when you can't breathe. 

Keep your head down this week, and push through all adversity that comes your way. Go into this week with an unstoppable mindset no matter what it is that you want to achieve.

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