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I’m just clever enough to get into trouble…

Joshua Beck has been a writer as long as he can remember, though he can't remember everything. That would be insane. He also hasn't been writing as long as he can remember, either, so that was a fib. He's been a reader for as long as he can remember - or about when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (yes, he's American... I'm sorry) came out. And he's wanted to write books for a good amount of time since then.

As of yet, Joshua Beck has not published a book, which begs the question why he calls himself a writer. All he can say in his defense is that he's trying really hard to finish his first book, and he's very hopeful that once he gets thatout of the way the floodgates will then be open for more books to continue. While he is primarily working on a fantasy series (and has sci-fi aspirations as well), you can read plenty of his non-fiction stories about tech, movies, faith, and various other topics on Medium. 

Joshua Beck is also a photographer; his preference is to find a different perspective on life's visuals, both extraordinary and mundane.