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My main mod, Mayhem, is a massive overhaul of the game X3: Albion Prelude. It's about empire building and turf war, set in an imaginary galaxy. It's a mix between two genres: space-opera and 4X. And it's cool.

You can read the full description of the mod on its ModDB page.
Other mods can be found on the official X3 forum.

You can buy me a coffee, but there's a chance the money will be used to buy wine and whisky instead.

znix77 bought 10 coffees.

Thank you for the fantastic work on X3 keeping this game alive for all of us! Came back to the game late last year and enjoyed Mayhem 2 thoroughly. Just downloaded Mayhem 3 and look forward to many more hours of fun!  Enjoy some whisky 🥃

Thank you! Whisky is now prohibited in the region I live (yeah...), I'll try some food. They say it's good too.

Logicstorm bought 5 coffees.

Thankyou for this amazing Mod, has hooked me for many hours already. Worth every dollar

Thanks. Now that Mayhem 3 is released, you have many more hours to spend! :)

Seloune Misucat bought 5 coffees.

Big thanks to you for this amazing work 😍 


jappie2 bought 3 coffees.
Aurelien bought 10 coffees.

Mayhem 3 preorder deluxe version !!! Merci d'avance, hâte de découvrir toute cette nouvelle version !

And your preorder reward is...... my total unconditional consideration! Thanks :)