Message from The Divine Mother channeled through JoyfulChristie on 1/10/22

The Mother says:

My blessings to you all as we gather together and spend these quiet moments reflecting and joyfully intending Nova earth. I wish to express my delight in each of you as I see you stepping into your gifts, moving through and up into the full realization of all that you are.

Today I wish to speak about Expansion and Connection.

As you step in to a greater knowledge of your divine self and open to the Love that is everything, something curious happens in your heart center. The fluttering beginnings of remembrance. And as this opening and remembering occurs and expands, I ask you to think about the connection that happens energetically with all other beings on this planet and beyond. Everything you see is connected, so All that you add through your heart consciousness and your Love development and your intentional sharing of your gifts - All affects the collective.

You are witnessing the joining up of energies and intentions as this beautiful blossoming in my Heart Of One takes place. I am witnessing the expansion as you reach higher and higher into places of balance, non-judgment, allowing, gratitude, and appreciation.

I ask you to now offer to each of the other light workers on the planet specifically and intentionally your Love. Offer up your appreciation for all that each of you is doing in this collective work. Take a moment on your in-breath to gather up your powerful Gratitude and exhale, sending it out to each and every soul working towards a return to One.

Rest in that.

Receive that.

And as you feel that expansion, that gift to and from your fellow light workers, turn your thoughts to those that are seeking new ways to be, that are reaching up on their journey back into the knowing of All that they are. Bless them and share this energetic, expansive gift with them also. This is as simple as intention - intending to share and speaking the blessing that you wish to bestow.

This is beautiful transformative work. Practice expanding and connecting with your community of One each day, becoming accustomed to the deep connection and realizing how powerful that community of Love intention is.

Here is my blessing for today:

Come and rest in my Heart of One. Delight in the Joy and Peace you will find here. And in the resting, in the quietude, in the reflection, gather up All that is and enjoy the the gift that is my Love. I bless your efforts as you explore this love consciousness, this joyful expansion and connection, playing with the possibilities of All That Is.

Blessings Dear Ones


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Thank you and blessings - Christie