The Divine Mother channeled through JoyfulChristie on 2/7/22

Dear Hearts

Begin this day with my blessing. Coming into the time ahead, I bless and protect my WayShowers.

I offer to all of you, my beautiful children, Grace.

Grace begins with yourselves. The foundation of Grace is divine love, love of self, patience with self, understanding that in Love there can simply be no judgment of self or others.

In Grace we rise up further still into All that we are.

In each divine journey, of course there is stumbling, there is faltering, there is questioning, there is misdirection and there is choice. In Grace, each time we encounter one of these states of being outside of the flow of All That Is, we are able to be gentle with ourselves, we are able to extend Grace in its purest forms, those of Love and Compassion.

With self determination and fortitude, we reach deeply into our understanding of self and allow the process of finding our way as a beautiful unfolding.

Hear now and share in my wisdom.

For you are creators, and each time you stumble or hesitate or travel slightly off the path, you are deeply engaged in learning and always in the process of returning to the Heart of One. All is connected. As you grow, shift, and return to your highest purpose for yourself, you are seeding the consciousness of the planet and All That Is.

When you experience diversion from your highest intended journey through distraction, through misdirection, remember Grace will lead you back to the intended path for you. Remember Grace allows for each individual‘s journey to be unique and honors the lessons chosen. Grace is able to understand the beautiful learning that happens when you wander off course, Grace is able to draw your consciousness back up, shining a light on the truly beautiful beings that you are.

Grace is humbly waiting as your guide, for without judgment, without berating, without unkindness, the return to source can and will be full of Joy.

In Grace you understand that all that is in surrender to the highest and greatest good for yourself is actually the process of surrendering to the highest and greatest good of All.

Because there is only One in your beautiful journey, you are shifting the narrative for those that will come after you. You are forging the path through your stumbling and your return to me and your fortitude and determination to grow and let go of what does not serve you.

As you continue on this rising up, do not discount the importance of the work you are doing for me.

Do not underestimate the impact that each return to your path, each turning of your attention to the light and the light work in front of you will have on the collective journeys of all that are just beginning to awaken to who they really are.

Know I treasure you.

I celebrate you.

I stand in deep appreciation of you.

Understand I acknowledge, I hear that the journey can be challenging and difficult at times.

Understand that I hold you in my Divine Mother‘s Grace and I extend and surround you with a kaleidoscope of colors, energy in all its forms, just as you need it, when you need it.

Now I would ask you to take a moment and breathe in deeply, feel the expansion as you draw that beautiful breath of life deeply in, deeply within. Enjoying that beautiful refreshing breath, understand the Love that is generated, the Grace that rises, the beautiful extension of Myself in your heart, the expansion of All That Is with each in-breath that you take.

Now slowly, on the exhale, let go of all judgment, particularly as it pertains to yourself. Instead, as you exhale, release all that does not serve you to me - send it to me my children, and I will restore it and purify it.

I am delighted in the work you are all doing and I am particularly delighted in the expansion of ‘knowing’ that I see happening.

As you work with this idea of Grace, beginning with yourself, I anticipate a joyful joyful shift in the collective vibration on the planet.

Blessings my beautiful light workers. Know that you are held in Grace by the company of heaven at all times.


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