Direct channel from The Divine Mother through JoyfulChristie on 1/5/22

The Mother says:

Dear Ones,

In the culmination of my plan that has been building and being restructured over and over for eons, I offer the following guidance:

Look to your star brothers and sisters, the company of heaven, all here actively involved in all aspects of supporting your intention and my intention for Gaia and all of you residing upon her.

For those of you who are preparing your hearts and minds with the aspect of ascension at the forefront, I ask you to look to the heavens and to consider the connection and amplification offered from your star brothers and sisters. Each of them have received their directives from me individually and as collectives. To you, to my way-showers, the connection between my will above and my will below will form a critical component for the successful transition of Gaia as she completes her journey into the fifth dimension.

Through the active opening up of your heart and crown chakras, I ask you for the invocation of the this divine decree directly from me:

In the name of the Divine Mother, I call upon the company of heaven and I invoke the divine partnership that has been intended by the Mother. I open my heart to full moment-by-moment guidance, and I enter into the partnership with the archangels and all of those that are in service to the mother and her divine plan for Gaia and for all of us during this transformative time in our planet's and our soul's journey.

Indeed, as it is above so must it be below dear ones.

My mothers heart is full as you step into recollection of where you came from and who you are and your beautiful connection to me. You are of me and you are in me and I am in you.

So at this time, as I have presented to you previously, I am invoking Crystaline codes that allow you through your crown chakra and your heart chakra to open in a capacity that most of you have not before.

Picture yourself on the planet, your feet planted firmly and received lovingly by dear Gaia, rooting each new consciousness deeply into Gaia’s energetic grid. From your feet up through your body all the way up through and into your heart chakra, traveling up through all of your energetic beauty and out through your crown chakra my pure Mother's Light and Love pulsating to such a degree that your physicality is almost not visible because of the glow energetically - this is what you are capable of and this is what I ask you to step into now.

I need you to surrender to this transformative next step in understanding all that you are capable of doing for me. I need you to picture please the reaching out of your glowing, enormous, transformative light-self in the merging with your brothers and sisters on the planet and your star brothers and sisters, our dear Company of Heaven and the resulting light from this joining being so brilliant that the entire planet is bathed in it - saturated with it.

This requires focus.

This requires vigilance

This requires surrender.

This requires new ways of understanding yourselves as powerful creators.

For all that I am asking of you, know that you are ready. Do you now rise up into all that you are - my children, my love soldiers, my dear ones.


Please feel free to share this post and the message abundantly with its' original unaltered text only. These are the Divine Mother’s words so please do not change or add to this message when sharing :) Please site the source. Thank you and blessings - JoyfulChristie