Direct Channel from The Divine Mother through JoyfulChristie on 1/16/2022

Dear Hearts

For so long, eons and eons I have been here, far longer than you can imagine, have I been waiting for your return to the understanding of All That Is.

Here, in the earth realm, I have placed my Star Seed, my beautiful Light Brigade. As any mother, the support I offer to my beautiful children is unending, purely intended to support the work of bringing All back to The One.

I realize there is much discourse about what is going to come and I would offer consolation and reassurance to my beautiful light workers.

All has been orchestrated and is unfolding according to my plan, my beautiful plan. And while the details shift as free will must be accommodated, a return to the Heart of One for all on dear Gaia and in the heavenly realms, has always been my plan.

At this critical juncture I am sending never before experienced light energy to you, my dear Star Seed Light Workers, the WayShowers.

I offer you this image for accessing all of this light:

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a lake, your feet planted on the surface of the lake. And up through your feet, all the way up through your body, you draw the dawning realization that the lake, this beautiful unending eternal lake without borders, is I, the Mother, and I, the Creator. Now picture yourself falling backwards, in trust with all, beautifully aligned with my purpose. Each breath you take, each in breath, each out breath, beautifully aligned with the divine purpose for all - Love.

Picture the delightful refreshment as you splash back into the Mother’s Love, as you fall into all that you already are. And as my love closes around you, embraces you, just the right temperature, beautifully refreshing, you awaken stunningly in remembrance of how powerfully and beautifully you are created, indeed how could it be otherwise as you are of me.

I am asking you now to use this imagery in your daily meditations, remembering as you fall back into all that you are, back into my Love, you are transmitting that understanding, that surrender, that return to the Heart of One to the collective consciousness on this wonderful planet Gaia. You are also transmitting it, adding it to the collective consciousness, reverberating it all through the Universes.

This is beautifully impactful work you are doing.

Now picture my open arms, the open arms of that beautiful serene, refreshing lake, receiving All of you as you fall back into my Heart of One, my deep Love for you. Picture my mother’s heart overflowing with Joy at the reunion of remembrance.

Play with this idea, with this beautiful gift of imagery.

Share it where you can, and know I am your loving Divine Mother and I offer you my blessing.


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Thank you and blessings - JoyfulChristie