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Devoted to Cake provides  baking workshops, camp, parties and events. While our business is on hold  during covid 19 we have been providing a free live bake along every Monday on our facebook page. We have had families all over Ireland and around the world bake along with us. We have baked everything from chocolate cake, to "Easy peasy cheesy bread" to "Yummy Scrummy flatbreads". Our events are fun, the recipes are easy to follow and its a great way of connecting. I have designed the workshops so that they are accessible to everyone  with simple ingredients  but really tasty results.  If you enjoy what we do and wanted to buy me a coffee or glass of wine as a thank you, you now can!

Someone bought 3 coffees.
Grace and Jonah bought 5 coffees.

Thank you to team DtC for your weekly bake alongs!! The kids have really enjoyed learning new recipes.  Cakes have all turned out brilliantly and Mum and Dad gets a lovely freshly baked treat on a Monday!! 

Helena & Emily bought 5 coffees.

Loving the bake-alongs and have learned loads. Lots of new favourite bakes as well as happy memories being created. Thanks so much

Someone bought 5 coffees.
Sandra bought 5 coffees.

You've opened up the tasty world of baking for my kids! My daughter especially is hooked and loves your weekly online sessions. Thanks so much!