You are SPECIAL...

I want to talk about you today,

Yes you reading this...

Do you know you are beautiful?

Do you know you are handsome?

Yes, you are beautiful,

Yes, you are handsome,

You are wonderful.

Do you know you are a content carrier?

You are too fine to be down,

You are too special to be sad,

You are too strong to be weak.

Your presence is a Success carrier,

You are a carrier of Success,

Do you know...

Do you know you are special?

Yes you are special,

You are unique,

You are unique in your own way,

You uniqueness have no comparison.

Do you know...

Your world is waiting for your manifestation,

Yes, because you are a content carrier.

You are too cute to be sad,

You are a content carrier.

Hear me...

You are a King,

You are a Queen,

You are too gorgeous to be stained with sadness.

Your smile is special,

Your cute smile,

Your wonderful smile,

Your expensive smile.

The world needs you...

Because, you are unique...

Keep showing that beautiful smile of yours...

Embrace happiness

Happiness is the key to many doors



Cheers 🥂 to Happiness...