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Hello you,

I've worked on the Radio, TV and Stage for over 28 years so it's about time I was able to speak without limitations! I'm 42 years old, going grey and a little bit grumpy! 

Enjoy the show but I won't care if you don't!

There's a brand new episode of Jumbo available each week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on all the usual Podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple and google Podcasts, Spreaker, Stitcher and others. 

I wouldn't say it's an adult show but anything could be said and there is the odd bit of bad language, or as I like to call it... Language!

So if you want to show me support you can now buy me a coffee!

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Tony x 

Someone bought a coffee.

One day we'll have a proper coffee 😉👍☕

Hey! Thanks for the coffee buddy and I can't wait to have a real one with you x Thank you for the support buddy x 

Shelley Bam Bam
Shelley Bam Bam bought 5 coffees.

Make sure Gem gets a coffee too 😜 Stay awesome x

WOW!!! I'm gonna be off my head with five...Ok, I'll make sure Gem gets one but that's still 4!!! lol... Thank you so much x