We all know that flirting is important in relationships, but it's not always easy to understand the importance. Flirting can be a way of staying connected with your partner and maintaining a sense of mystery and excitement within the relationship. It also helps you get past any negative feelings that may have been building up over time. Flirting will help keep your partnership strong!

You might feel like you're losing connection with your significant other because they are busy at work or taking care of kids. You need to find ways to connect on an emotional level so that you don't lose touch with one another during these times when it feels like you are living separate lives. This is where intentional flirting comes into play! Intentional flirting involves making

Here are five haiku's I've written, inspired by my hot boyfriend. Use them in texts or put it on a post it. Try one and tell me how it goes!

I am missing you

You know how to turn me on

Soulful connection

I am missing you

That smile, your laugh, those eyes, oh

Captivated, fuck

Waiting to see you

Is like waiting for Santa

Expectation, joy

Waiting to see you

My body hungry for more

Orgasm now please

The question is this

Is true love attainable?

The answer is yes

How do you keep the love alive and spicy?

Let's chat!



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