Tonight (last night to you) as I was working out, I decided to do the bike for 20 minutes because I didn't really have enough energy to do a bunch of walking.

In 20 minutes I did about 8 miles on the stationary.

My inner Virgo wanted to know how practical it really was; how many steps did that amount to; how much biking would I need to do to do the equivalent of 10,000 steps; a total rabbit hole (like this run on sentence).

I started to get down on myself; it wasn't enough; I need to do more. Then I remembered:

No, 20 minutes of total focus is good. It's always good. A simple focused 20 minutes done daily will yield great results. I just need two things really: 20 minutes and consistency.

Don't allow your goals to bury you in a pit of despair. They are goals, after all. There are different ways to get there and some days all you need to do is 20 minutes of complete focus.

You've got this!