What is the most difficult thing you have ever experienced? Have you tried to find a word or phrase that best describes the feeling it gave you, like "devastating" or "shattering"? Have you found that no words can really describe how it made you feel? If so, this blog post may be helpful.

In today's society we use certain labels and terms when describing our feelings about traumatic events- words such as "overwhelming" and "soul crushing". But what if these are not your feelings at all? What if there was an alternative way of thinking that could help give us back our sense of power over our own lives? This blog post will discuss how labeling trauma has been helpful in giving people their voice back.

What provided me the freedom from the past was relabeling it or the person or persons involved.

What would happen if you started viewing your trauma with a new label? It might just lead to freedom.

In the past, I experienced an unexpected betrayal and I'll admit, I was completely devastated by it.

As days passed and my feelings of devastation didn't wane, I knew it was time for me to make a change. So instead of continuing to call what happened "trauma" "tragedy," or "not being able to trust ever again," I labeled it as "life." Once I did this, my perspective shifted from feeling defeated to empowered because life is full of moments that we can choose how we want to view them. And now when something happens in life that doesn't go according to plan, no matter how devastating the event may be at first thought, I remember that this to shall pass and that I have always grown from experiences and have come out the other side stronger and more prosperous than ever before.

Life happens and I don't believe that everything that happens we attract. It's more like the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent might be what we walk into is because of what we are attracted or magnetized to, but we can not control someone else's free will.

When that 20% comes in to disrupt the flow of your good life, remember this: this to shall pass. You will be stronger and more prosperous on the other side. What was meant to destroy you will be a catalyst to something more wonderful than you can imagine. You've already survived and thrived this far; just think of how much farther you will go.

Take the sting out of the hurt. Relabel it. Take your voice back. Take your power back. You get to decide to hold on to the pain of the past or transform it for your highest good.



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