For the last couple of months my body has been out of sorts. My blood sugar levels, even with medicine and changing of diet, would not drop into non-diabetic numbers. I had to take more and more medicine just to go into a more normal range.

Yet, I kept blessing my body and reminding it it is not diabetic.

Finally, today, I woke up to non-diabetic blood sugar levels. I stopped taking medicine a few days ago and have just been taking some supplements I was led to take; eating things I was led to eat; and checking my body's stress levels.

This is only the beginning. Right before this I was disappointed that my body, which is normally a great partner, had not been responding the way I wanted it to. Disheartened even. I really didn't want to be bound to medicines anymore. I didn't want my energy zapped after a bit of activity. I didn't want brain fog. I didn't want any of the things that came along with higher blood sugars.

But I kept pressing into a glimpse of what I saw over 6 months ago: me continually checking my sugars and they were perfect.

While it's not there yet I see it coming now more than ever. I had a breakthrough today and am rejoicing over it. Finally, what I want is unfolding and manifesting. I almost gave up but followed my hunches instead.

Don't give up! What you want is around the corner. Follow those hunches; eventually you will get what you desire when you faint not.

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