This morning as I was listening to Soulful Revolution's daily message she shared what happened to her recently under the Christmas theme of the being visited by the the ghosts of Christmas past, present, & future. All the lessons led to the same conclusion: appreciating the gift of life.

Yesterday, both my sister & my dad where in car accidents. In my dad's case, 1 second would have had a result that would have torn our hearts, but by the grace of God.

This year that has been the global lesson: how are you appreciating the gift of life that you have been given? This year was the exposure of what is really important to you; what's been in your heart the whole time. Wake up calls that you don't need as much as you think you do because you have the main thing: your precious life. You are unique & needed & an amazing gift to the world; treat yourself that way because that is the Divine Truth.