I'm not going to lie, we all have those ideas that we just don't want to pursue. We tell ourselves things like "I should be grateful for what I have" or "I'll do it later." The thing is, if you continue this way of thinking, you're never going to achieve your dreams. If you keep sitting on these ideas and refusing to pursue them, then they will remain in the back of your mind forever... when really they could lead you down a path towards wealth and success.

One of the ideas that many people have is in writing a book. While perhaps writing that book won't make you a millionaire, the truth is that idea might unlock other opportunities you didn't think of. It can lead to paid speaking engagements, being on panels and meeting other like minded beautiful souls, or leading you to create courses on how to get it done easier.

I myself have a YouTube video on how to write your book in 12 weeks. Yep. I give you the whole system in about twenty minutes for free. My first kindle book hit number one on Amazon, so I know a little something about writing a book and getting it seen enough to be number one.

So why don't we pursue those ideas that come? Perhaps it's because we do not see it as a form of currency. Currency flows; it's a vibration; a force; an energetic means of open doors. They are the seeds to the harvest of what we say we want.

When we ask for money or some other form of wealth we are answered with an idea. We ignore it for many reasons, but the foundation of it is a block in our internal belief system. We can get our hands on systems but the systems won't work if they are not in alignment with how we see ourselves internally.

You will never go any farther than what you can internally see.

Ask yourself: why am I ignoring pursuing the ideas that are coming to me? Yes and no, it is procrastination but that procrastination is your block and it's probably not out of laziness. After all, if it was, you wouldn't be reading this.

You wanted an answer and here it is: trust your gut and follow through on that idea. It was a gift from the Divine as an answer to what you say you want.

If you need assistance, let me know in the comments.

You can do this! I believe in you!

Much love,


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