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Howdy! I'm Shiggi. 

You probably know me from my DJing...or maybe my love for bouldering...perhaps it's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Maybe I am or have coached you through movement and fitness under my Personal Fitness Trainer hat? Attended an intro to body movement workshop at a festival in the past... Or more professionally, my 18+ years as a sound engineer refined into helping folks start and maintain their podcasts as well as coaching business professionals on how to record their audiobook (and I edit it for them!) 

What you've probably not been privy to is since 2015 my world has been a private mess. I lost my grandmother in 2016 to natural causes and three years later lost my mother to suicide in 2019. In 2020 I lost my step-father (the only father I knew) possibly to Covid, but likely to time well spent at the age of 93. 

I haven't been able to see any of these people before they passed and I have my baby brother left. We really went through it as my mother was his carer until she completed suicide (his hand was on her bedroom door) and I've not had the chance to see him since I flew to the US to pick up her remains and take them back home to Kenya. 

If you're here it's because you want to help me fix that as well as realign with what I truly love to help people with - movement. 

Between becoming a Budokon certified instructor and looking at locations in Kenya to create bouldering and hiking adventures as well as a combat fitness and digital nomad hub. My main focus is flying over to my brother and cousin to say thank you and lay some things to rest, as well as going home to kenya and seeing family members to finally just let all of the last 5+ years sink in and settle. 

So - thanks for helping me make this a reality ❤️

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